Indoor Plant Care: 5 Steps to Follow this Spring

Indoor Plant Care | 5 Steps to Follow this Spring    


Happy Spring everyone! The days are starting to feel warmer and longer which means your indoor plants are starting to stretch their roots and wake up from their winter slumber. While different plants have different springtime needs here are 5 general things to do this spring to help keep your houseplant buddies feeling healthy and happy.


1. Moving up a Pot

If your plant has outgrown its home this is the best time to re-pot. As the roots wake up from their winter dormant state repotting in the spring will allow the roots to readjust to their new surrounding, quickly grow into the extra soil and reduce the risk of root rot.

Don’t know how big of a pot to get? Look for a pot whose diameter is no more than 1-2” bigger than its previous pot.


2. Energy Boost!

 As your plants start to wake up they may be a bit hungry. Giving them a bit of liquid fertilizer can give them that extra boost they need. Remember that a little goes a long way, less is more, and always dilute your fertilizer with a bit more water then recommended.

Compost can also provide that much needed boost provided it’s been fully broken down.


3. Taking a Little off the Top

Often in the winter months your plants begin to wilt, turn pale and sometimes become a bit yellow or brown. The springtime is great for cleaning up those leaves as your plant gets ready for a new period of growth. This can be done by trimming back some leaves or with some light pruning.

 Trimming: Cut any leaves that or are beginning to turn yellow or brown.

 Pruning: Most indoor plants can be pruned. Cut off any stems that have grown long and leggy or no longer put out new growth. New stems will form in these places but be careful not to go to overboard!


4. Spring Cleaning

Your plants also benefit from a bit of spring cleaning. Dust often accumulates on their leaves blocking the light and making it hard for them to breath. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe the surface of each leaf while carefully supporting the underside.

Make sure to clean both sides of the leaf. Don’t have time to clean all of them, even a light spraying from a spray bottle can help them shake off the dust and get their circulation going.


5. Location! Location! Location!

In the cold months we often reposition our plants to provide them with the best possible light while avoiding the cold drafts near the windows or doors in hopes we’ve done enough to get them through the winter. With the warm months soon upon us it’s time to place them where they can get what they need the most.

Think of each plant and what they require to thrive. For example, place your cacti and succulents closest to the sun to absorb its warm rays.


Plants not only bring design into a space but also a sense of airiness and joy. So remember to take care of your houseplant buddies and they will continue to take care of you.


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