Our bosses are currently away working hard at tradeshows, and the content team is kinda lonely. So, we decided to start a blog for Chive. Because, why not? We’re practically indoors most of the time and it has gotten to us! But we always perk up when we see our pets and houseplants. Except the rare occasions when the cat decides to eat our spider plant. We just want our pets and plants to get along, and we’re sure you do too! So here are some of our fav pet-friendly plants:

This Peperomia is one of our most loved plants by Chive staff and customers! What we love most about this Peperomia is its beautiful variegated foliage. It’s an instant eye-catcher and the best part? It’s easy to care for and a plant that your pet will be fine around.

2. Spider Plant Variegated Ocean

Spider Plant - Pet Friendly

Isn’t it funny that a pet-friendly plant is named after a non-ideal pet? The spider plant is super easy to care for and a great plant to add to your indoor jungle garden. We can just picture it - your cat and spider plant chilling on the coffee table - what a perfect combo!

3. Calathea Freddie

Calathea Freddie - Pet Friendly Plant

Calathea are one of the prettiest families of plants. There are so many variations to fall in love with. We love all our Calatheas so it was difficult to choose Freddie as our favourite. The foliage of all Calatheas are beautiful, but our personal fav is the Calathea Freddie, just for its bold and deep green combination with light green. Bonus if your pet is called Fred or Freddie!

4. Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus - Pet Friendly Plant

We’ll be honest. We love the Fishbone Cactus for its fun zig zagging leaves! It has been known to bloom with pink and white flowers. And with its fun foliage, we can picture your pet getting along with this cactus just fine.

5. Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo

Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo - Pet Friendly Plant

These beauties are low-maintenance and require minimal attention to thrive, unlike our pets! But you know what they say, opposites attract, and this Pilea with your pet might just be the magical combo your home has been waiting for!

Max The Cat with pet Friendly plants
Got your eye on a plant that’s not pet friendly? Or do you have pets that are not plant friendly?

Not to worry! There are many ways to have a home with all your favourite plants and pets, even if they just don’t get along. You can always get a hanging planter to hang your plants so that they are out of reach from your pets.