Hudson 2 Flute
Hudson 2 Flute
Hudson 2 Flute
Hudson 2 Flute

Hudson 2 Flute


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Out of all the horizontal flower vases we make the 24-Hole Flute is the best, bar none. The potential for floral arranging creativity here is endless and the vessel is ALWAYS a conversation piece. The other plus about the Hudson 2 24-Hole Flute is that since the flowers get cut so short they will last at least twice as long. Generally, a strip of mini cymbidium orchards will last 2-3 weeks and you will be able to harvest up to 14 buds from one strip.

The 24-Hole Flute is one of our most popular glass wedding vases. It is a perfect vessel to run down the center of the wedding party table.

For those on a smaller budget, line up a few of the Hudson 2 8-Hole Flutes down the table. Made from extruded, machine-made tube glass, each piece is exactly the same and will bunt together perfectly. Or space them out with candles in between.

These glass wedding vases will definitely make your wedding memorable and beautiful. Remember to bring lots of water, the 24-Hole holds almost a gallon of it!


We were also lucky enough to be on Oprah’s O list a few years back with the Hudson 24-hole flute.

The Hudson 2 4-Hole Flute is 5" long, 4" wide, 2" tall.

The Hudson 2 8-Hole Flute is 8" long, 4" wide, 2" tall.

The Hudson 2 24-Hole Flute is 24" long, 4" wide, 2" tall.

Customer Reviews

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CHeryl Ferrer

Perfect gift!

June Sandoe

Can’t wait to add to table for company.

Megan Moret
Best Vase Ever

This truly makes it look like you’re a florist! Can’t say enough good things about it.

Hudson 3 flute 24 hole

I love this vase so much, I put hydrangeas in it and it looks beautiful and you can’t even see the vase which makes it seem like the flowers are floating.

lily dao
Best vase ever

For years I have struggled to figure out how to arrange flowers. This vase takes no effort at all you just pick flowers and add them in the vase does all the work. It makes even the most inexpensive flowers look expensive.