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One of the original Chive lines, this series of clear bud vases have been the choice of florists for many a year now as staple, all-purpose floral containers. They are handblown glass and there is an extra layer of glass on the bottom of each so that they are thick and heavy and do not tip over.

Simple, classy and elegant, the George collection of bud vases are peffect for a single stem or a small bouquet or posy. Scatter them around the home for those odd clippings from the garden or use them to decorate tables for special occasions or events. They are perfect for bridal shower presents! 

Pick up a bouquet the next time you're at the grocery store and then spread it into 5 different arrangements. This classic shape looks good on a coffee table, kitchen table, or windowsill.

Product Details

  • Material: handblown glass
  • Cleaning: C.L.R. (Calcium, Lyme, Rust Cleaner) will help out with any calcium build up without needed to get out the long wire brush 
  • Dimensions: see below

    • George 1 is 3" in diameter, 4" tall.

    • George 2 is 2.5" in diameter, 5" tall.

    • George 3 is 3" in diameter

    • George 4 is 3" in diameter, 4" tall.

    • George 5 is is 2.5" in diameter, 5" tall.


  • Fun floral arranging 
  • Look like a pro florist and have all your friends fawn over your creations
  • Saves all the flowers you accidentally snap off when gardening or arranging a bouquet
  • Perfect for hostess gifts, cocktail tables, teacher gifts

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