Ceramic Flowers With Keyhole For Hanging On Walls Collection 7


Claudia Schiffer is a massive groupie. Of our coral range, And no wonder. When we started making them, Vanity Fair listed them as one of their coolest new products. Now they are 14 lines deep and cover 125 pieces Initially we just wanted to design a choch ka Then we figured out they should be hung on the wall as well Now we get random orders of 1000 pieces for an install. That’s a lot of groupies.
Product Details
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 3” diameter, 1.5” tall
  • Color: Green, Orange, Purple
  • Finish: Fully Glazed
  • Keyhole for hanging: Yes
  • Indoor Decoration
  • Hanging apparatus not included
  • The best gift idea you will ever have
  • The best "treat yourself" idea you will ever have

From Vanity Fair's Crush to Diva Dreams: Unraveling the Journey of Our 125-Piece Deep Dynasty!

Oh, Vanity Fair swooned for our "coolest" creations. Flash forward, we're flexing with 125 pieces and 14 lines deep, who knew our creations would go diva? Wall-bound wonders that attract orders bigger than a boy band's fan club. We just wanted to design a decor sidekick, but they demanded wall fame too. Now, we've got more groupies than a backstage after-party. Bow down, for our rise to stardom is as inevitable as a catchy pop hook.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lexi F

Over the past decade, I have been collecting these flowers and hanging them on a wall in my living room- it’s become a vertical ceramic garden! This orange peony did not disappoint! It’s exactly as pictured and the same stellar quality as usual. Also, Chive customer service is amazing: the flower arrived chipped and they sent me a replacement right away. Great product from a great company!



Holly Martin

Ceramic Flower | Peony

Angela Censoplano Holmes
So pretty

Love it. Looks so nice hanging on my wall. Beautifully created.

Kirsten A Perry

Very beautiful. The details are amazing.