Accessories and Tools

Step up your plant parenting game with our Accessories and Tool Collection, where functionality meets flair. From chic watering cans to sleek pruning shears, we've got everything indoor green thumbs need to keep their leafy friends thriving.

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Blomma Modern Felt Flowers
Blue Grey Hunter Light Grey Orange Pea Green Pink Seafoam Teal Yellow + 6 more

1 review
Fake Life Like Artificial Flowers
From $5.35
Green Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow + 4 more
Hanging Aerium Ceramic For Succulents & Ikebana
From $23.85
Green Sheen Imperial Blue Red Saffron White Charcoal Green Grey Orange + 6 more

1 review
Air Plant Fake Lifelike Realistic Unkillable!
From $6.20
A225 B225 C225 D400 E400 F400 G800 H800 I800 J800 + 7 more
Sprocket Glass Modern Watering Container
Blue Green Yellow

2 reviews
Pill Glass Terrarium Jar For Succulents
From $47.25
Green Mint Orange Peridot White + 2 more
Mr Mister Modern Glass Plant Spray Bottle
Blue Green Clear Green Midnight Blue Smoke Grey Teal + 3 more
Pebble Ceramic Ikebana Kenzan Container
Orange Silver White

1 review
Succulents Fake Faux Lifelike Decorative Things
From $8.95
A325 B325 C485 D485 E485 F485 G615 H615 I615 J615 K615 L615 M485 + 10 more
Swayzak Ceramic Dish For Ikebana Kenzans
Blush Cobalt Grey Peridot Pink Purple White + 4 more
Air Plant Holder Wall Glass
From $12.25
3-Pack Suction Cup 3-Pack Wall Mount Suction Cup Wall Mount + 1 more
Jessie Ceramic Watering Jug
Charcoal Dark Blue Grey Pink Blush White + 2 more
Ceramic Ring For Terrariums
Aqua Cedar Grey Phlox White + 2 more
Stas Ceramic Dish For Ikebana Kenzans
Sold out
Blue Rose Classic Blue Classic Red Green Diamonds Green Flowers Red Daisy + 3 more
Duenas Ceramic Watering Jug
Charcoal Dark Blue Grey Pink Blush White + 2 more
  • Minute Ceramic Pot And Saucer Set With Drainage
    From $16.50
    Blue Aqua Blue Green Layers Blue Layers Boombastic Bronze Speckles + 11
  • Dojo Porcelain Modern Indoor Plant Pot With Saucer
    From $19.50
    Black Blue Grey Light Grey Olive Peacock Green + 4
  • Liberte 5 Porcelain Pot And Saucer With Drainage
    From $15.25
    Blue Flowers Hedgehog Monstera Octopus Parrot + 3
  • For the Plants That Like to Dress Better Than You Do