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Chive's Vases & Terrariums: Transforming your mundane plants into botanical divas, ready to steal the spotlight on your feed. Because who needs paparazzi when your foliage shines brighter than the stars?

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Pooley Modern Bud Vase For Flowers
Aqua 2 Buttercup Chartreuse Cobalt Forest Hunter Grey Macaw Magenta Moss Mustard Ocean Orange Papaya Pea Green Pumpkin Red Sangria Scout Blue Serenity Smoke Green Steel Blue White Yellow + 20 more

19 reviews
Loft Glass Vintage Bud Vases For Weddings
From $7.85
Blue Blue Green Clear Green Midnight Blue Smoke Yellow 5pc Assortment 7pc Assortment + 6 more
Frost Porcelain Bud Vase For Flowers
Black Blue Grey Light Grey Olive White + 2 more

2 reviews
Bird Porcelain Modern Flower Vase
Baby Blue Black Glossy White Matte White + 1 more

6 reviews
Pooley Puzzle Modern Bud Vase For Flowers
Baby Blue Light Grey Navy Sage White Yellow + 3 more

1 review
Galaxy Ceramic Bud Vase For Flowers
Blue Ginger Metal Mint Orange Pearl Sage Yellow + 5 more

25 reviews
Wall Dot Ceramic Flower Vase
Charcoal Kermit Moss Pink Sky Blue White Yellow + 4 more
Kapow Ceramic Grenade Flower Vase Unique
Classic Green Crystal Rose Empire Yellow Lovebird Summer Song White + 3 more
Jojo Ceramic Bud Vase For Flowers
Gold Silver White

12 reviews
Moloko Ceramic Bud Vase
From $4.85
Charcoal Cobalt Mint Orange White Yellow + 3 more
Pill Glass Terrarium Jar For Succulents
From $47.25
Green Mint Orange Peridot White + 2 more
  • Virago 5" Porcelain Pot With Drainage Hole And Saucer
    Black Blue Grey Olive Soft Pink Clay Terracotta + 1
  • Minute Ceramic Pot And Saucer Set With Drainage
    From $16.50
    Blue Aqua Blue Green Layers Blue Layers Boombastic Bronze Speckles + 11
  • Liberte 5 Porcelain Pot And Saucer With Drainage
    From $15.25
    Blue Flowers Hedgehog Monstera Octopus Parrot + 3
  • Make sure your plants are dressed in style with a Chive Pot