Chive Flower Pots

Your plants deserve better than basic. Elevate your flora game with flower pots that are sleek, stylish, and oh-so-chic, they're the runway-ready accessory your botanical beauties deserve.

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Minute Ceramic Pot And Saucer Set With Drainage
From $16.50
Blue Aqua Blue Green Layers Blue Layers Boombastic Bronze Speckles Bronze White Burgundy Cobalt Blue Cosmos Green-Blue Green Cement Green Layers Ivory Speckles Matte Green Mocha Cement Terracotta + 13 more

38 reviews
Liberte 5 Porcelain Pot And Saucer With Drainage
From $15.25
Blue Flowers Hedgehog Monstera Octopus Parrot Red Pheasant Skull Stag + 5 more

2 reviews
Ryan Self-Watering Plant Pots
Charcoal Dark Blue Grey Olive Pink Blush White + 3 more

1 review
Casey Porcelain Modern Pot And Saucer Set
Blue Grey Olive Pink Blush White + 1 more
Dojo Porcelain Modern Indoor Plant Pot With Saucer
From $19.50
Black Blue Grey Light Grey Olive Peacock Green Pink Blush Sandstone Clay Terracotta White + 6 more
Virago Porcelain Large Indoor Pot With Drainage Hole And Saucer
From $48.00
Black Blue Grey Olive Soft Pink White + 2 more

1 review
Liberte Porcelain Pot And Saucer Set With Drainage
From $15.25
Black Owls Black Stars Blue Birds Blue Feathers Blue Leaves Blue Swallows Green Flowers Green Garden 3 Green Leaves 3 Green Leaves 4 Grey Forest Red Birds Red Flowers Red Roses Red Squirrels Turtles Yellow Flowers + 14 more

5 reviews