Minute Ceramic Pot And Saucer Set With Drainage


Colors: Blue Aqua
Years ago, we designed 4 lines of pots, in 8 different colors. They were just okay, so we never ran them. One day, we had an idea - we grabbed the best two pieces from each line and placed them together. We loved the vibe. And that’s why we call it 'minute', that's how long it took to produce the best line we've ever made.
Product Detail
  • Dimension: 3 inches diameter, 3 inches tall / 5 inches diameter, 5 inches tall / 6 inches diameter, 6 inches tall / 7 inches diameter, 7 inches tall / 8 inches diameter, 8 inches tall

Chive Flower Pots:

Beyond Ordinary

Why settle for garden-variety when you can have Chive Flower pots? We don't follow trends; we set them! Our pots are so out-of-the-box that the box itself gets jealous. Join the cool kids' club of unconventional plant lovers and let your greens rock the runway.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kimberly Cates

The two pots that I ordered arrived broken… into pieces. I have replacements coming. I love these pots although this is the 2nd time an order arrived broken.

Cindy Shaw

While the size of the pot is great, the color I received doesn’t even resemble the color as pictured on your web site.

Amy Kiz
Never received item

I never received my items and, after trying for weeks, couldn't reach customer service. Therefore, I would not purchase from this company.

Renee Witherwax
The best tiny pots!

Love my tiny 3” Minutes! My favorite glazes are the striped, and the blue green, and the ‘cosmic’ one. Always a little different from one another but always great quality and a delight to display!

Maggie Shouldis
Love love love!!

Beautiful, sleek, grabs attention!!