Endless Combinations.

Latest Collection. Now in Boxes

After 13 years Ceramic Flowers will be sold in boxes. While this is good news, regrettably it will inevitably lead to “Flower” unboxing videos. A genre of internet culture that involves the unboxing of a product by an over-excited 20 something “influencer“ who will repeatedly use words like “Rizz” and pepper the conversation with acronyms - solely to humiliate you for having lived in the 20th century. We apologize in advance for any distress caused.


Pretty Flowers in Pretty Boxes

We made gifting easy


Mildly Overrated Favorites

13 years of Ceramic Flowers, some sell better than others.

How To Mount Your Flowers


Drill A Hole

Although we have seen some impressive hacks on the internet, a drill will make this easier.


Insert A Screw

Put a screw into the hole you just made.


Hang Your Flower

Put the flower on the screw. VOILA.