Sprocket Glass Modern Watering Container


Colors: Blue
Yes, it sounds mechanical, however, we actually named it after an 80’s SNL skit. Which has nothing to do with it being great for tight spaces, it's simplicity, or how stylish it is. Sometimes, you don’t need to spell everything out, because people can see all those attibutes for themselves. It's more fun to use your imagination and choose a fun reference.
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2019
  • Material: Glass


Elevate Your Tools and Your Garden!

Our modern designs take ordinary gardening tools and give them a VIP makeover. When function meets fabulous, your plants won't be the only things turning heads. So, step up your gardening game and make your neighbors green with envy – because who needs basic when you can have extraordinary tools in your shed?

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Debolt
Tiny but so mighty for various watering tasks!

I have purchased 6 for gifts since Christmas!

Have not received my order yet.

I am somewhat disappointed that I ordered several items, spending a significant amount of money, and have not received any of the order yet. I ordered them when I did because I need the items for Christmas presents that I am making. Because I have not received the order yet, I have not been able to make them, so I will be under a lot of pressure to complete them on time. I hope this does not happen with all your mail orders.

Hi Mary! Looks like your order delivered yesterday! It did take it's sweet time getting to you. It left our hands up here at Chive HQ in Toronto on Dec 4, just 4 days after you ordered. USPS is experiencing SHIPAGEDDON right now, they are bursting at the seams with the surge in Christmas orders because of Covid. Happy they made it to you, always feel free to email us directly with any order questions. There's only 8 of us but we always reply back to people within a few hours :)