Virago 3.5" Porcelain Pot With Drainage Hole And Saucer


Colors: Black
People were constantly clamoring about us making white pots, it was very very boring. We don't do boring, so we designed an elegant line of 8 textured pots in white. This year we expanded the line to 6 colors, and 2 sizes. Since 2018, we’ve shipped out over 250K of these. We’re not surprised, are you?
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2017
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Matte
  • Drainage: Drainage hole with detachable saucer

  • 3.3 inches diameter, 3.5 inches tall

Chive Flower Pots:

Beyond Ordinary

Why settle for garden-variety when you can have Chive Flower pots? We don't follow trends; we set them! Our pots are so out-of-the-box that the box itself gets jealous. Join the cool kids' club of unconventional plant lovers and let your greens rock the runway.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love these!!

I would buy a ton and replant every plant I have if I could afford it classic. Beautiful.

Andy Pritchard
Excellent succulent pots!

They're just the right size for smaller succulents like haworthias and the matte black is really quite pretty. With a gravel top dressing your plants will really shine.

Diane Capozzi

We already purchased one from a store in Marblehead, Ma. We knew we needed a match. They are so perfect & fit our other floral decor. The colors available are beautiful.

Rachel Gonzalez
Love Chive planters!!

I have a bunch of planters from Chive and not one has ever disappointed me. All amazing quality and my plants couldn’t be happier 🌸🌿

Christa Kline

I just love the soft look of this pottery!