Galaxy Ceramic Bud Vase For Flowers


We’ve no idea why we called it Galaxy, it’s not like we’re Star Wars freaks. The truth is; Galaxy is a simple bud vase standing 5 inches tall, in 10 different colors, it's very impressive. Like the Galaxy.
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2015
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Glazed
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Heather Burbidge

Love the vases - thank you

Katrina Kellner
Perfect work of art.

So cute and the colour is perfect. They will be centrepieces at my wedding. And will certainly be a conversation piece.

Deborah Smith


Hilary White
Galaxy vase

Very cute. The iridescent yellow is very cheerful for spring. Looks cute with blommen

Nicholas B.
I love these ceramic flower vases!

I love these ceramic flower vases! I grabbed this box of 6 to take flowers to work for Valentine's Day.

-The colors are all really nice, there is a second set of 6 that has an orange one instead of a white one as well. They have that "rainbow pearl" paint/finish which adds to how nice they look
-These are thick and durable like ceramic dishware. I accidentally dropped one off a 3 ft counter and it did not break against the hard floor. Also all were packaged well and nothing was broken upon arrival
-Price - Chive sells these for $11 when purchased solo, these 6 boxes definitely save you a lot. This ended up being the cheapest per vase option too.$11 per vase as a single is a little overpriced, but the $24 for 6 box is definitely well priced

-The bottoms are not colored/painted and are just a white ceramic. This part is fine but on the bottom it also says "". I think they would be better off creating a nice graphic logo. This doesn't really bother me that much since most people wouldn't be looking at the bottom. I'd only consider this an issue if you were trying to put them on a glass/ see through shelf