Terrarium Bowl Glass Succulent Garden


Colors: Clear
According to AI, it’s like a high-end plant hotel. Which is surprisingly true. On a more practical note, it’s made up of 4 glass containers. And the idea is that it’s easy to create a succulent garden. So not only is it beautiful. It’s smart. It’s enough to make AI jealous.
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2008
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimension: Large: 6" in diameter and 5.75" tall. / Tall Bowl: 2.5" in diameter and 7.25" tall / Short Bowl: 4.5" in diameter and 4.5" tall / Small Bowl: 4" in diameter and 3.75" tall. 

Succulent Ego Boost:

Transform Your Green Pals' Living Space with Our Extraordinary Terrariums!

Why settle for humdrum pots when you can give your green pals a home that screams, "I've made it!"? Say yes to the extraordinary, embrace the fabulous, and let your plants live their best life. At Chive they're not just a terrarium; they're an upgrade for your plant squad, and they'll thank you with a standing ovation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joel Pepin
Terrarium Bowl

Arrived badly broken but Anu very quickly arranged to replace it. I am impressed and will return to Chives Studio again -- and again!!

Shazeela Inshanally

The bowls were great. I bought four sizes and they looked great on my mantle. The large and tall thickness of the glass amazing. Response and delivery were great albeit a snowstorm.

1/4' thick high quality glass bowl!

I purchased this product for air plants. I saw other products, however, I decided to buy this particular glass bowl because I thought the thickness of the glass looked thicker than other similar products. And I wanted the shape of this bowl not too decorative and artistic. I wanted the shape of the bowl should not over power against the plants which will be in the bowl. I wanted glass bowl thick enough so the light reflection would have more deep feeling. I measured the thickness of this glass bowl when I received it. It is 1/4" and the glass quality is excellent. I am very happy with the product! Also their response was excellent. I found a small chip on the rim of the first bowl. The size of the chip was so small I could hide it with plants. Nevertheless, I informed then that the bowl had a small chip. I did not ask for refund or replacement. However, they sent me a new one without any hesitation. I was very impressed by the great service!