Lantern Glass Unique Flower Vase


Colors: Blue
Don’t you just love Sale cliches? We could say “you can’t afford to miss it”. Or “everything must go”. But we both know that’s not true. What is true is you will save money if you buy these now. You will mildly be pleased with yourself. And you’ll feel smug that someone else paid more than you. So hurry, save money, feel pleased with yourself, feel smug. Sale must end soon. Or soonish.
Product Detail
  • Year Designed: 2020
  • Material: Glass
  • Finish: Translucent
  • Large 4.5 inches diameter, 5 inches tall.
  • Medium 3.75 inches diameter, 4 inches tall.

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Customer Reviews

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Luke Rice

Not a fan and didn’t know u couldn’t return after 48 hours. Very disappointed in this one.