Pots with Drainage

Drainage Pots

Pots with drainage holes are beneficial for increasing and boosting the life of your potted plants. When excess water cannot escape a pot, the plant runs the risk of dying as its roots are submerged in water. When the excess water can drain, you will inherently have a healthy and more vibrant plant, flower or herb.

Encouraging root growth is the best thing you can do for your plant, and this is possible with drainage pots. Although each plant requires a different amount of water, almost all plants have the potential to suffocate and rot if they are sitting in water.

A Variety Of Planters With Drainage

Chive carries a wide selection of planters with drainage holes for your specific taste. All of our drainage pots come in an eclectic variety of colors, textures, and patterns so you can coordinate the perfect backyard landscape. 

15 products

15 products