Mr Mister Modern Glass Plant Spray Bottle


We got tired of seeing a bad " semi vintage". We had to call bullshit. So we made this. It plays on color and its shape isn’t contrived. And like all things Chive it’s 100% recyclable when you are done with it. Like all vintage should be.
Product Detail
  • Material: Glass (bottle), Stainless steel, and Plastic (pump)
  • Dimensions: 3" long, 3" wide, 6" tall
  • Mist your beloved plants with some extra moisture.
  • Available in 6 color options

Mr. Mister: Vintage Gone Right

Enough with the "semi-vintage" nonsense. Time for some truth, and a dash of Chive charm. Behold, Mr. Mister Sprayer – where color meets authenticity. It's not just a sprayer; it's an attitude. No fakes allowed. Don't settle for half-hearted style – unleash Mr. Mister and own the spritz game.